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Mission & Vision
of the Swiss Federation for Hinduism


  • To represent the interests of Hindu traditions, also known as Sanatana Dharma or Hindu Dharma, in Switzerland,

  • To represent the interests of Hindus as a community and as individuals,

  • To provide religious and spiritual services and to promote the practice and knowledge of Hindu traditions in Switzerland,

  • To promote solidarity and interaction between Hindu organisations, groups and individuals,

  • To promote understanding of Hindu traditions, as well as positive relations with other religious communities and social groups.


​Our vision is to secure the strongest roots for the Hindu traditions (Sanatana Dharma or Hindu Dharma) so that they may flourish for the benefit of society in Switzerland and beyond:

  • by increasing understanding for all beings,

  • by spreading the ancient wisdom and traditions taught by the Vedic scriptures,

  • and through one's own practical example to be a model for others.

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